Gear Ordering Info

TVTC sells two types of clothing/gear:  1) special order and 2) on-hand items.  All items can be purchased via this shopping portal.  


Special Order

  • Items take 5-7 weeks to be delivered once the order has been placed.  
  • Items are identified as special order in the item description 
  • Orders for special order items are usually placed 4 times a year per the schedule below

Order # Order Window Order Received By
1 Early February Late March
2 Early April Late May
3 Early June Late July
4 Early August Late September


On-Hand Items

  • Items are usually in stock ready for pick up at a practice
  • Once an order is placed a coach will contact you about picking up your items
  • On occasion an item may be out of stock.  In this situation a coach will contact you about refunding your money, or the timeframe to receive more items in stock.
  • These items can be ordered at any time.
  • Items are identified as on-hand in the item description 
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  • PayPal